"Dancin Shmancin with the Scars: Finding Humor No Matter WHAT! available now on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, IPad and more...

"Dancin' Schmancin' with the Scars by Jan Marshall is a refreshing and humorous look at everyday situations. Although written by someone wise with age, the humor and topics covered are relevant for people of all ages.

Whether discussing dating, coming to terms with technology, bodily ailments, dieting or relationships, Jan offers candid and witty accounts. How can a chapter entitled "Yes, I Shot my Scale, but I Shot it in Self Defense" not make you grin? The chuckles and laughs flow out of the realization that these are similar issues to what you may be experiencing today

Jan's storytelling style is genuine and she is surely the type of person you would like to meet to help lift your spirits when feeling a bit down or worn out with life.

Her writing style and content reflects that of a good friend who will openly tell you the truth, be there with some sound advice, and give you a reason to smile and enjoy everything life has to offer."   
                                   .....Wit & Humor Magazine

*Jan appears in a commercial "Loving Laguna Woods" for Channel 6

*Humor Columnist for Sage News-Canada
*Humor Columnist for Senior Correspondent 
*Humor Columnist for "Friends of the Village" in Laguna Woods
*Contributes satire to DivineCarolyn, More Magazine and various Internet Magazines

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