Dancin Shmancin with the Scars
In this new book, Jan touches on her own scars after surviving cancer, brain tumor surgery and other cosmic jokes in a chapter “Touched by an Angel in an Inappropriate Place.” This satirical endurance book also includes tips and techniques for living a joyful life. She nags us to take time to deal with our pain, and heal as best we can while realizing that in between these interruptions especially in a long-lived life, Not a Shred of Evidence actually exists that Life is Serious!

Excerpts from the book:


My new iPhone came with a virtual assistant, Siri. Have you met her? She is driving me virtually nuts! I asked her to find me a “Thai Restaurant.” She yelled, “I have no contact for your thighs.” So I reiterated that it is a restaurant that I am actually seeking. She asks, “What kind of restaurant?” I reply, “Thai.” "Is that ties for shirts or shoes? I do not see that in your contact list.” “ Is there anything else I can help you with?” After 20 minutes of this banter I change my plea to a search for the nearest bar. She wants to know if I wish to attend a Bar named Mitzvah. I say, “I confirm.”Hopefully they serve drinks. We have now started couple’s therapy...


I finally, discovered the best way to get rid of ants after trying everything else, I lit candles, played soft jazz and in my most sultry voice, asked for a commitment. They DISAPPEARED!!!


..So, let’s eat a la Carte, work a la Carte, and love a la Carte. We sometimes tend to accept life’s complete meal instead of the one or two items we truly want. Living a la Carte means filling our days with only what we determine is good, satisfying and nurturing. What will you have my friend?


“Dear, Justin Timberlake
My definition of “a friend with benefits” is someone who adds me to his insurance plan….”

Book Reviews:

"Dancin' Schmancin' with the Scars by Jan Marshall is a refreshing and humorous look at everyday situations. Although written by someone wise with age, the humor and topics covered are relevant for people of all ages.

Whether discussing dating, coming to terms with technology, bodily ailments, dieting or relationships, Jan offers candid and witty accounts. How can a chapter entitled "Yes, I Shot my Scale, but I Shot it in Self Defense" not make you grin? The chuckles and laughs flow out of the realization that these are similar issues to what you may be experiencing today

Jan's storytelling style is genuine and she is surely the type of person you would like to meet to help lift your spirits when feeling a bit down or worn out with life.

Her writing style and content reflects that of a good friend who will openly tell you the truth, be there with some sound advice, and give you a reason to smile and enjoy everything life has to offer."   
                                       .....WIT AND HUMOR MAGAZINE

"Anybody who knows or reads Jan knows she's a crack-up. Funny words and thoughts just pour out of her, despite manufacturer warnings.
So when she turns her dancing eyes to matters of serious import, the result is a happy one all the way around."
                                                              ....LINTON ROBINSON

"Jan's newest treat is a delightful handbook for getting through difficult times with humor. She includes tips and spiritual guidance. Her own survival instinct and whimsy inspire us to view our challenges differently." 

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"Jan Marshall is most adept at the (Erma) Bombeckian homemaking putdown: housework merits the "Good Housekeeping Seal Disgust", she requires elocution lessons from Laurence Oliver to converse with her plants, "Rent-a-mate" provides her with a surrogate spouse to nag while hubby is away on business. Some breezy phrases and effective takeoffs particularly for telephone and postal service make this good for selective dipping...." Kirkus- Book Review

"Jan's book is so funny, I just put it down for one second and someone stole it."
Jonathan Winters

"Now we have our own sophisticated and Swinging Bombeck in Hollywood."
Mrs. Jonathan Winters (Eileen)

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