As a Humor Columnist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Motivational Speaker, Jan founded the "International Humor & Healing Institute" in 1986. Prominent physicians and other board members, including Norman Cousins, Steve Allen and Dr. Bernie Siegal, shared her techniques for healing through hope and humor. 
She hosted her own television series and was a guest on hundreds of radio and television shows.
Jan regularly appeared on Steve Allen's radio show and he was a guest on her television show as well. 
A cancer and brain tumor survivor, she returns with another humorous satirical book, "Dancin Shmancin with the Scars", writing about "Graying and Giggling in the age of Googling".
"Ladies Who Lunch"

Jan lives by the credo that in fact, after we heal and deal with all the pain, grief, disappointments and some really bad fish, "Not a Shred of Evidence Exists that Life is Serious"

Mission Statement
"Humor as a universal language promotes rapport among individuals. It has the potential, along with art, athletics and music in creating a liason between people, perhaps the ultimate common denominator. Through shared laughter we will bring about our global purpose of caring for one another".



" Your humorous talk on "Lightening up in the Bedroom and the Boardroom" was one of our liveliest presentations. We left feeling lighter at heart and enlightened as well."     ARCO   

"Your wonderful lighthearted approach to relieving problems and stress had great impact on our doctors, nurses and staff. We in the health profession often forget that we do have options. And we had fun!"    CHART.

"This is the third time you have appeared at our course "Humor and Creative Management." The students picked your presentation as the highlight of the entire experiences. Outstanding! Come back again."    UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS

"Jan Marshall can turn a funny phrase full of profundity reminiscent of Will Rogers, Dorothy Parker and Art Buchwald."      KFWB

"Jan is a brilliant writer with talent for turning the ridiculous into highly entertaining vocal essays. She has the rare ability to think on her feet...."     KABC

"Jan is fun, intelligent and entertaining"     SHOWTIME

"She is a sophisticated writer and keen observer of the human condition. Minor mishaps fail to daunt Jan Marshall, whose forte in writing and in life is taking the absurd in stride."

"Jan Marshall takes the dullness out of everyday activities by using satire and spoof comedy and truth. She changes this absurdity we call life into outrageously hilarious reading..."
1980-"Take my wife, please...AND Jan Marshall"
................Henny Youngman
"Jan, you are a loving host and great fun to talk to. You brought out the best in me. You're so warm I feel like I've known you all my life. And... You're a very funny lady!"

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