Friday, April 5, 2013


The talk about fairness regarding the wish to marry is a worthy one. Everyone should have that opportunity or else they will be forced to send out for aggravation.

What has been neglected in the discussion is that if one is already in the relationship, how to tell that it may be coming to its final conclusion.

The following may give one an indication of subtle cues that it could be over.

. When you discover he has joined the group “Parents Without Partners”
. If you ask him whether anything is bothering him and he sets fire to your dress.
. If he occasionally introduces you to his friends and business associates as his “former wife.”
. When he advertises on a giant billboard that says “I LOVE YOU MYRNA” and you name is notMyrna.
. When you return from shopping and find all the locks have been changed and learn, coincidentally, he is “napping” with an old army buddy.

. And finally when he says he is going for a hike on the Appalachian Trail and returns with one Hot Tamale dripping from his thin lips.

I suggest it could be time to meet at Starbuck’s for a tiny, itsy, bitty chat.

Mind you; these are only guidelines!

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