Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tony (hot coals) Robbins and Me



I adore Tony Robbins and know he is a brilliant, creative influence to our planet plus I think he is a hottie!

Speaking of hot things; I walked that infamous hot coal walk on many weekends including 3 separate times in Los Angeles and Orange County. Just to let you know; my tootsies are terrific.
We were thoroughly trained to do this if we wished to participate. We all signed waivers before the challenge acknowledging that there was a chance of injury but using our mind over matter techniques our groups were just fine and over the moon after such an accomplishment; I mean hot coals, friends and being completely fine !!!! (Read Oprah’s report on her experience and you will see what I mean).

On another occasion I walked the coals yet again during the Anthony Robbins International two week Certification Event in Hawaii. I even roasted marshmallows and a couple of weenies during my coal walk. Okay, I did not go that far but it was so exhilarating to teach one's mind not to experience pain after our extensive classes with Tony. Some of my goofy friends still tease me when they are grilling hamburgers and wonder if I want to take a walk. NO, I DON'T. Been there; done that!

That is not to say that some people may actually have burned themselves at other times and they certainly need our compassion. There are always extenuating and unforeseen situations. Hey, these ARE extremely HOT COALS!

For another exercise and deciding on our own personal or business goal, we prepared for a totally voluntary climb up a six story telephone pole to a narrow top, almost too small to stand on before leaping out to grab a trapeze. This was for reaching out to our goal metaphorically) then surrendering and floating to the ground, symbolizing that we could accomplish most anything we set our sights on.

We did have safety harnesses and a cheering section below. My group team included several new buds from all across the world and the always supportive activist and actor Martin Sheen and let me tell you, his support was immense. He also has such a great laugh.

(Old Photo, Newly discovered)

I left with fond memories of the people and events. I completed the training in Neuro Associative Conditioning (NLP) which added to my other Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Certifications... plus a huge crush on Tony!!!

Thereafter, until I relocated, I was part of the Anthony Robbins Foundation’s team for his annual Basket Brigade food giveaway program in LA at Thanksgiving..

In the ‘90's, as founder of the International Humor and Healing Institute, I presented both the Queen Mum (she was quite funny) and Anthony Robbins with the Institute’s Award for his effective use of humor while teaching transformation and personal growth.
He is quite a guy!

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