Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympic's 2012

Just returned from London where I received my 29th Gold trophy as best in the FIELD OF NAGGING.* I missed that one year when I had read all those new age suggestions to let everyone be and do their own thang!

Well, my life fell apart that year. I didn't tell anyone what to do or give advice and every unuttered word went straight to my hips making me a model version of the Goodyear Blimp. The kids didn't clean their room that year so our home was condemned by the board of health.
One son refused to get a haircut while I said nothing and the principal legally changed his name to Mary Elizabeth and when he was drafted in the army..don't ask.  It was a long time ago.
So wash your hands, sit up straight and it wouldn't hurt to take a Nag to lunch once in a while!
**Just stop scowling as if nagging is a bad thing. Remember Plato was Nag, too! As a matter of fact, Plato and the Platitudes were the first rock/advice giving group in history. Do not forget Confucius as well, though he was king of the double entendres. Remember when he said if you went to bed with this at night, you would wake up with that the next day. The man had a filthy mouth. Did he ever mention that if you ate Mushi Pork you would bloat the next day?  I would have told you. Nagging is simply informing. Just think of me as your personal information booth.
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