Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Ask Jan and the Dudes

For all you beautiful people,

Dealing with freeways, e-mails, and gadgets you can't get the hang of?

Self esteem below zero because your smart phone is too damn smart?

Parking problems? Dentist bugging you about flossing? Do you awaken up to find something you have been driving, ingesting, or sleeping with has been recalled. Body is damn fed up with pressures of being fit. You think I don't know how stressed you are?

Relax! I'll take care of it and you.

My destiny is to advise, cajole, instruct and nudge aka nagging.

You will realize that after healing and dealing with threads of grief, pain and disappointments, in fact "Not a Shred of Evidence Exists that Life is Serious."

So...why don't you all brighten up and let me and the dudes take care of things. If you have a question that does not require a life saving answer, a loan or shaving your back on a first date, 
write to:
Subject: Just Ask Jan and the Dudes

*Hugs from Jan 
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