Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can't We All Get Along? PC Vs. MAC

All families have conflict. We love, we hate, we eat, and we get heartburn. So it was with my Mac and PC. Each thinks the other is inferior. My computers in particular, refuse to play nice.
I loved them both as I do all my children. Mac was my firstborn so perhaps I did favor him-maybe it’s the Apple Cheeks, but I'll deny this in any court. (Though, between you and me, our little Palm wasn't planned but that is another story I'd rather you keep quiet about since I am not even sure who the baby daddy is).

Nevertheless, as the purported adult here, my job was to keep my computers compatible. We started family therapy with the Gates/Jobs/com/MentalNutCase unit. Since they even refuse to speak with one another what hope was there for my two. The Therapist stuffed a hard drive in her ear and has taken to heavy drinking.

My fear is if they can't get along, what chance for resolution is there for (#1440 dpi printer) or for the Middle East. Okay, I am going to tell you the truth. I did love my Mac more than life itself. It was so easy to use. Yes, it was a favorite child and when I tell you why I even own a PC you'd be astonished.

It started on one dark and stormy night while I watched a shopping channel. All I know is they featured this cute little HP PC. I should have said N.O. To sweeten the pot, it came with kitchen appliances, a built in swimming pool and a closet organizer who would live with me. The best part it was free! I only had to pay for shipping, for which I took out a bank loan.

It worked for few years. Then, after a while, it bombed as the Mac had and it was necessary to purchase a new machine.
Since that fateful day, I continually consider either jumping out the window or throwing out Windows 7. I have a hate/hate relationship attempting to learn this new word program. I had MS Word 2003 and that was fine all of these years.

Now I am in a forced relationship. This new computer was already installed with MS Word 2007. It is like a foreign language and the simplest task takes me eons. By the time I figured how to type and edit a simple congratulations note to a pair of newlyweds, they had split and were arguing over custody of their kids and their own computers.

My fickleness has surfaced again. Everyone in my circle has an iPhone, iPad (I am so jealous I have turned green which is actually good in these times) and it has a free all infant tech line giving instruction, plus it also irons. But now my documents and soon to be published book are on the PC and I do not have the dough to buy a pickle, no less an apple!

Perhaps I shall return to my old manual Royal Typewriter which I personally turned into a lamp that shines its light in my office but not on my brain!

Does anyone happen to have any very, very old black ribbons in their junk drawer or want to support a starving (though curiously zaftig) writer? I have a publishing deadline. And, I hear the computers bickering again.


Update: I am now one of the many elite members who own an iPad & iPhone. Now, if I could just get Siri to stop talking back to me and LISTEN.

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